Microsoft and US Army to host first Halo 3 XBL tournament

Halo 3 Bungie Studios - Image 1Could this be the cue that ole’ Jack Thompson is waiting for? Microsoft and the US Army just recently announced that they will present the first Halo 3 XBL tournament, complete with training videos. More details in the full article!

US Army - Image 1It looks like it’ll be only a few moments before Jack Thompson will be all over this news: Microsoft, in conjunction with the US Army, just recently announced that they will be presenting the first Halo 3 Championship tournament, complete with a series training videos to prep virtual soldiers to victory.

The Halo 3 tournament will start on April, with the registration going live on March. Those interested in joining the tournament can register for the Basic Combat Training videos, which will be shown according to schedule, which is as follows:

  • Registration begins: 1/7, Training begins: 1/19 – Sniper School
  • Registration begins: 1/28, Training begins: 2/9 – Heavy Weapons
  • Registration begins: 2/18, Training begins: 3/1– Vehicles

Aside from the Basic Combat Training Videos, gamers can access the Branded Destination Experience site through Xbox LIVE, courtesy of the US Army. The site will offer a Tips and Tricks section that will give gamers sound advice from the experts, as well as downloadable content in the form of free themes and gamer pictures.

Via Team Xbox

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