Mike Newell: Prince of Persia flick not a video game movie

Prince of Persia - Image 1A few days into his appointment as the director of the Prince of Persia movie, Mike Newell has finally opened up about his sentiments on the project, and he sure is excited about it. “It’s not a video game movie,” he said in his enthusiasm. “It’s a great story.” Certainly a bit of encouraging news to Prince of Persia fans. Do read on to find out more!

Prince of Persia - Image 1Just a few days after Disney and Jerry Bruckheimer picked him to be the director for the Prince of Persia movie, Mike Newell has already expressed his excitement about the movie adaptation of Ubisoft‘s Prince of Persia franchise, saying that it is not a video game movie. Newell said in excitement:

“It’s a great story. If you had read the script, you would know that it wasn’t a video game. It’s very exciting and it’s immensely romantic and it’s like Lost Horizon. It takes you to somewhere you’ve never been.”

Who is filling Newell in on the game details? He has an assistant who is playing through the various Prince of Persia games in order to keep tabs on the various specifics and nuances of the franchise. The fact that Prince of Persia creator Jordan Mechner is collaborating with scriptwriter Jeffrey Nachmanoff in writing the movie script helps, too.

The interview with Newell ended in a strange note, however. He said, in verbatim: “You know what Stonehenge is? Stonehenge is a machine that tells you that the world will survive because every year the sun comes up in exactly the same place.”

Could it possibly be a hint about how the movie will turn out? We’re also a bit baffled, ourselves. Stay tuned to find out more!

Via Rotten Tomatoes

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