New Resident Evil 5 scans from Famitsu

Capcom logo - Image 1 We’ve got new scans from Capcom‘s much-anticipated survival horror title Resident Evil 5 ( PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360). Famitsu has Chris Redfield in its crosshairs and some new sights as well. Go to the full article and see them for yourself.

Resident Evil 5 - Image 1Over at German site Gamefront, we chanced upon a quartet of scans containing rare images of Capcom‘s anticipated Resident Evil 5 (PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360). The scans show the game’s protagonist Chris Redfield and some other pictures from the game.

Deciphering from the Japanese text that tell of details as written by Famitsu is tough, though it was mentioned that a trailer could be coming up soon to give us a new preview of the juggernaut to come.

You can get a full view of the scans by clicking on them. See if you can spot anything special about them and post your comments below.

Resident Evil 5 - Image 1 Resident Evil 5 - Image 2 Resident Evil 5 - Image 3 

Via GameFront

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