New Resistance: Fall of Man maps revealed: Bracknell and Axbridge

Resistance Box Art - Image 1Patch 6 has just been released for Insomniac Game’s Resistance: Fall of Man for the PS3, and now we have another downloadable content to look forward to: new maps, Bracknell and Axbridge.

Read on for a look at these upcoming maps!

Just a few days after releasing Patch 6, Insomniac Games has unveiled two new maps for Resistance: Fall of Manfor the PS3. The two maps, Bracknell and Axbridge, will be suitable to all types of games and can accommodate from 8 to 40 players per round.

Bracknell is an all-interior map where players battle it out amidst the backdrop of Chimeran node and Widowmaker breeding grounds, perfect for vertical and close-quarters combat. Axbridge, on the other hand, is a narrow corridor with two human bases on each end. Aside from good sniping spots the Axbridge map also provides the perfect venue for some good old CQC.

The new maps for Resistance: Fall of Man will be available on the end of November.

Resistance: Fall of Man new maps - Image 1Resistance: Fall of Man new maps - Image 2


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