Nintendo bares new Wii Chess info, screenies and video

Got Wii Chess - Image 1 Not enough new info out there regarding Nintendo’s Wii Chess? Perhaps this may help: Nintendo UK has recently the Wii Chess website with more information and other new goodies. Check them out after the jump!

Gone are the days when chess players faced each other during a game of chess. With Wii Chess still in the works, Nintendo UK has revealed both new information and new media of Wii Chess in the form of screenshots and a video.

According to Nintendo UK, Wii Chess features a variety of options such board and piece customization, game recording and an advanced AI. Unfortunately, it seems that European players can only compete online with other players from the same continent.

While the Nintendo UK Wii Chess screenshots have the appearance of a standard chess game, the video, on the other hand, has emphasized two notable differences: one, the game helpfully shows you which squares your pieces can move to; two, the kings tend to do a frantic little wiggle animation when they’re checked. See what we mean by checking out the video below:

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