NIS America announcing “unique and fun” PSP game tomorrow

NIS America - Image 1Not to be outdone by all the publishers releasing PSP games this year, NIS America has started teasing PlayStation Portable owners about a “unique and fun” PSP title that they’ll be announcing tomorrow.

NIS - Image 1

NIS America is teasing a new PSP title that they claim to be both “unique and fun”.  All that’s known about is what NIS America’s Public Relations Coordinator, Nao Zook, said:

NIS America will announce a new PSP title tomorrow. It’s such a unique and fun game, and I know you all will love it! Please look forward to it.

Tomorrow, huh? Well, while we wait, why don’t we get some speculation going on. When i read “unique” I immediately thought of Yuusha 30, although I think that’s a bit of a long shot since NISA hasn’t released a Marvelous title in the US yet as far as I know.

A US release for Disgaea 2: Portable hasn’t been officially announced yet, but I don’t think the game counts as “unique”. Fun yes, unique no. Probably one of them Idolmaster games? Those are unique. Or maybe Mastiff’s new tactics game? What do you guys think?

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