Nordic Game 2008: Game programming talks line-up announced

Nordic Game 2008: Game programming talks line-up announced - Image 1One topic that this year’s Nordic Game conference aims to discuss is regarding game development. To this end, Nordic’s organizers have unveiled their initial line-up of professional programmers who will be giving talks at the event grounds. Details are available in the full article.

Nordic Game 2008: Game programming talks line-up announced - Image 1 

More details have emerged regarding the itinerary for this year’s upcoming Nordic Game conference. New to this year’s event is the inclusion of a Games Creation and Technology, which will provide visitors with several lectures on the topic of games programming. Here’s a shortlist of some of the higher-profile talks:

  • Next generation Visual Computing
    • By: Miguel Sainz and Yury Uralsky; Developer Technology Group managers, Nvidia
    • Discusses GPU computing, tessellation and dynamics, including general purpose computing as a proposal in video game development. Includes a special discussion on BEAST technology by Jens Olsson of Illuminate Labs.
  • Optimizing DirectX on Multi-core architectures
    • By: Leigh Davies, Senior Application Engineer, Intel
    • Provide insight into effectively driving both Direct3D and graphics drivers in an efficient multi-core manner, and discuss best practices to ensure that video driver and video hardware are running as asynchronously as possible.
  • Visibility Optimisation for Games
    • By: Teppo Soininen, software engineer
    • Will examine the challenges of visibility optimisation, techniques to tackle these issues and ways to optimise performance for rendering dynamic environments on current generation hardware.
  • Unsung AI
    • By: Jasmin Orthbandt
    • A discussion on the latest artificial intelligence topics.

Microsoft will further be showcasing two presentations: “Getting more from Multicore,” and ”D3D10: Getting from 0 to 60Hz.” This year’s Nordic game Conference and Career expo is expected to take place from May 14 to 15, at the Malmö Convention Center in Malmö, Sweden. Further event details are available at its official site, via the source link below.

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