NPD Group on portable entertainment device usage

Even Spidey has a - Image 1Market researcher, the NPD Group, found that at least half of the owners of portable entertainment devices use their gadgets pretty much the same, if not more than they did 3 months ago. In other words, some people love their portable playthings more today than yesterday.

Playing with the PSP - Image 1Research conducted by the NPD found that at least half of the owners of portable entertainment devices, such as mobile gaming platforms and music players, use their gadgets about the same amount, if not more they did 3 months ago.

The report also finds that music devices have the highest average for purchase and download volume, ranging from 4.2 to 6 downloads a month. 50% of the 6-18 age range are more inclined towards portable gaming platforms, while 68% of the 19 and up range prefer portable digital music players (PDMP).They study also found that 68% of smartphone users are 35 and older.

More smartphone users were found to use their devices for gaming, rather than the business-related apps and functions available. The greatest increase in usage over the last 3 months was found in the iPhone, which was primarily used for gaming.

Interestingly enough, the study was on portable devices, and yet the top location for the use of each device was at home, which the report sees as a sign that even the portable devices are competing with the stationary entertainment devices for a user’s time.

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