Opoona dated in Europe

Opoona - Image 1 We’ve got some great news for gamers in Europe. Koei has finally dated Opoona, a Wii exclusive RPG, for launch in the said region. To find out more, be sure to head on over to the full article by clicking on the “read more” link below.

Opoona - Image 1Koei has finally dated Opoona for its European release. RPG fans in the said region will finally be able to pick up a copy of the game this July 25, 2008.

This game places players in the shoes of Opoona, a descendant of the Cosmo Guards. He soon finds himself separated from his family and in a hospital without any recollection of what happened to him.

In case you haven’t had the chance to check out what this game has to offer, you might want to look at some of our previous articles on Opoona which have some screenshots and videos of the game.

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