Peek-a-boo: Dead Space gets pre-Halloween release

Dead Space - Image 1Electronic Arts has announced that Dead Space will be trick-or-treating around retail earlier than what most people assumed. Time to recalibrate your pumpkin clock and read the full article for more info.

Dead Space - Image 1

Everyone previously thought that Dead Space would get a timely release for Halloween this year. October 31 - no better date than to release what could be this year's freakiest game on the market. We learn today via press release, however, that the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions of the game will be coming in a few days early.

Electronic Arts has announced that, due to speedy developments in producing the game, they're able to release it early on October 24. That's a full week right before its original assumed date of October 31.

The PC version is set to follow the PS3 and 360 releases though, and it's still clocked for an October 31 street date.

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