PlayStation 3 firmware version 2.35 is out

PlayStation 3 firmware version 2.35 is out - Image 1Sony let loose with talk of a new firmware revision coming out soon for the PlayStation 3, and not long after we’ve sifted through the details that we were greeted with a prompt to update. So get to your units, folks, and let’s choke those update servers together! I’m kidding, of course. More to be had at the full story.

PlayStation 3 firmware version 2.35 is out - Image 1 

The folks at the official US Sony PlayStation blog announced that a new firmware update for the PlayStation 3 would be coming out. And true enough, not long after a short wrestling match with the PlayStation 3 and an unyielding Ethernet cable, we’ve spotted it tapping our shoulders and inviting us to upgrade.

Sony says that the new firmware is to address performance in unnamed PS3 games, although an air of speculation has been pointing to Grand Theft Auto IV (PlayStation 3, Xbox 360) stalling issues.

The gaming giant stood firm that the fix has nothing to do with Grand Theft Auto 4, however.

Whatever the case, we’ll be on a lookout for more clues to this minor five step jump from the previous firmware revision. ‘Till then, time to upgrade, dear readers!

Thanks for the tip, Luis!

Via Sony PlayStation Blogs

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