PlayStation Network Europe: Mesmerize Trace, Stranglehold demo

PSN Europe: Mesmerize Trace, Stranglehold demo - Image 1UK‘s PlayStation Network has recently gone through its routine weekly update. And with it, PlayStation 3 owners can look forward to a free playable demo of Midway Games’ Stranglehold third-person shooter. Those with some extra cash to burn will want to take a look at SCEE‘s Mesmerize Trace, a game built for the PS3’s PlayStation Eye camera. More details for PSN Europe‘s lineup are available in the full article.

PSN Europe: Mesmerize Trace, Stranglehold demo - Image 1According to Three Speech, the UK‘s PlayStation Store has just updated with new goodies both free and purchasable. At the top of the list is MotorStorm‘s Big I Bunny and Numskull pack, and a downloadable demo of the dual Beretta-toting shooter directed by John Woo, Stranglehold.

We were wondering when they were planning to release the UK port. Just keep in mind that you’ll have to shell out cash for the expansion pack. There’s also a new game available for those with the PlayStation Eye, as well as several game and a trailer for Pixar’s Wall-E film for 2008.

  • Game:
    • Mesmerize Trace (PlayStation Eye) (SCEE): £ 1.99 (US$ 4)
  • Demos:
    • Stranglehold Demo (Midway Games): Free
  • Packs:
    • MotorStorm Big I Bunny and Numskull (SCEE): £1.49 (US$ 3)
  • Video:
    • Games:
      • Uncharted: a Living Environment (SCEE): Free
      • Riff Everyday Shooter trailer (SCEE): Free
      • Blazing Angels 2 trailer (Ubisoft Entertainment): Free
    • Blu-Ray:
      • Wall-E (Disney Pixar): Free
    • Brand:
      • PS3 TV Commercial (SCEE): Free

Via Three Speech blog

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