Portal for XBLA gets new content, but no extended storyline

Portal - Image 1Valve’s Portal has certainly emerged as a true gem with its huge fan base and critical acclaim. With its Xbox Live Arcade release looming large, Doug Lombardi was asked about what’s new with the downloadable version of the game. His answers follow in the full article next up.

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Valve’s Doug Lombardi was recently interviewed about their upcoming Xbox Live Arcade release of the critically-acclaimed Portal. He gave some revelations as to what new content there will be and whether or not new plot elements were added.

Lombardi confirmed to Kotaku that they will indeed be adding new puzzles and more ways to solve them to give players more choices. He stressed that it made sense to add “points of entry to get to the party (and) open more gates to the theme park “

“The main idea is that this is Portal available as a download, and there is additional content as advanced challenges that will be available to you after you finish the critical path of the game,” Lombardi added.

However, the Valve boss did shoot down speculations that an extended storyline will be included in the latest Portal release. “That’s for a game to be named later perhaps,” he concluded.

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