Prince of Persia coming to Wii

Prince of Persia coming for Wii - Image 1Well, it’s Prince of Persia in general, but it won’t be the same Prince of Persia teased as coming for the DS, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and the PC. We’re not even sure if the Wii game will sport the same artistic influence that’s shaping up the next PoP game, but we can say for sure that something is definitely brewing in Ubisoft‘s waggle kitchen. More at the full story.

Prince of Persia coming to Wii - Image 1 

From Ubidays 08 came the talk that Prince of Persia was also being tendered for the Wii, but we’ve learned that this version has nothing to do with the videogame title just previously revealed for the DS, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, or Windows.

This project was said to be exclusively developed for the Wii, since no other platform was mentioned for this particular title.

Some people have claimed that the Wii-fied PoP game will be “sort of” a spin-off. Since there’s only one other PoP game in the works, you probably could say that the Prince of Persia Wii project will be based off from that.

No major details have been spilled, though there’s a lot of jokes running ’round that a casual version of Prince of Persia might as well be marketed the same way Ubisoft‘s core Wii titles have been for some time – courtesy of the folks at NeoGAF.

Laughs aside, let’s just hope that Ubisoft has great things lined up for the Prince of Persia Wii project. If there’s anything Wii owners wouldn’t want, it’s another Wii game from a major publisher falling short of the big time. We’ll update you if new developments roll in.


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