Project4 V1.6180-2 released

psp - Image 1The very nifty XMB substitute Project4 V1.680 was plagued in its initial release by a bug that caused the all too notorious blue screen of death to happen. No matter – an update has been released to fix it and it’s called Project4 V1.6180-2. Details after the jump.

Download: Project4 V1.6180-2

Sony PSP - Image 1If you thought that PSP homebrew developer Auraomega‘s Project4 was insanely cool but you caught a dose of its BSoD bug, you might want to check out the latest update to the XMB substitute titled Project4 V1.6180-2. The BSoD bug has been squashed and compatibility with CFW 4.01M33 is a go.

No other changes have been made except for the BSoD fix, but we’re pretty sure that it’s good enough for now. After all, Project4 has been way cool from the get-go.

Details on how the BSoD happens and how Auraomega fixed it are chronicled in the download. You can read through it if you’re interested. If not, go right ahead and apply the fix. Enjoy!

Download: Project4 V1.6180-2

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