PS3 Slim confirmed, dated, and priced

PS3 Slim - Image 1It’s now officially real. The PS3 Slim, that is. Details after the jump.

It’s officially real. The PS3 Slim, that is.

Kaz Hirai has announced during Sony‘s GamesCom conference that the PS3 Slim — it’s a PS3, but slimmer! — will be available in stores starting the first week of September, although rollout dates will vary by region.

The features in the Kmart listing, particularly the 120GB HD, are pretty much the same as currently available models, but the Slim is 33 percent smaller and 36 percent lighter. Price point has been set at US$ 299 / 299 Euros / JPÂ¥ 29,980.

PS3 Slim @ GamesCom - Image 1

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