PSN Europe gets PAIN, add-on packs this week

Idol Minds' PAIN PSN PS3 - Image 1Idol Minds’ PAIN has finally been dated for the Europe PlayStation Network. The game is already out in the U.S. but localization issues have kept this title from launching in Europe. Thankfully, the issues seem to have been resolved already and gamers will finally be getting a taste of PAIN (with a few add-on packs to boot). To find out more, check out the full article by clicking on the “read more” link below.

Idol Minds' PAIN PSN PS3 - Image 1PlayStation 3 owners in Europe will be happy to know that Idol Minds’ PAIN will finally be released this Thursday on the PlayStation Network.

In addition, it seems that Sony will be making up for lost time (the game is already out in the U.S.) by releasing a few add-on packs as well.

In case you aren’t too familiar with the game, players are given the task of causing as much damage to their characters as possible by launching themselves from a rubber band catapult. PAIN features a total of six different game modes such as Bowling, PAINdemonium, HORSE, and our personal favorite, Spank the Monkey.

No word on the game’s pricing yet, though it is expected that the game should go for around £3.99 (around US$ 8).

Via PS3 Fanboy

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