QuickJump QuickPeek Special Edition: The Colossal QJ.NET Comment of the Week Compendium

QuickJump QuickPeek Special Edition - Image 1QuickJump QuickPeek has already reached more than half a year old. We’ve had thirty three issues, not including the special editions that cropped up from time to time. Here’s the latest, and probably the greatest – it’s our token of appreciation from us to all of you, it’s Valentine’s after all. Judging from the title alone, you probably know what to expect: every single Comment of the Week, all compiled and neatly packed in one huge compendium! Ever wondered who won the first ever Comment of the Week? You’ll be very much surprised indeed…

QuickJump QuickPeek Special Edition - Image 1

Thirty three editions of QuickJump QuickPeek – and that’s not counting all the other special editions we’ve had every now and then. But yeah, 33 weekly recaps of various news updates: that’s more than half a year’s worth of news there!

We’re sure you guys have enjoyed the journey so far (and you can bet it ain’t ending anytime soon!), so, to commemorate this momentous more-than-half-a-year milestone for QuickPeek, we decided to award you guys with a little token to show our appreciation for all the support you’ve given us.

Fine, it may be coincidental that it’s Valentine’s Day and all, but still. Point is… Today, QJ.NET gives back! And what better way to do that than by churning up one of the QuickPeek highlights: The Comment of the Week.

Yes, folks. Today, we’re showcasing the full collection of Comment of the Week winners we’ve had since Day One*. We’ve got profound ideas and opinions, hilarious revelations of conspiracies, comments ranging from five full stars to no stars at all, views being aired out by people from all over the globe, some mild cursing and expletives here and there, and of course, the occasional fanboy bashing. It’s a trip down memory lane like no other!

(*Day One would actually be QuickPeek #3 since it would only be then that Comment of the Week started. As we previously said, the weekly recaps have always undergone certain changes in formatting and direction of content – with new sections cropping up every now and then, or mergers of subsections and whatnot… Hey, we’re as dynamic as the gaming industry itself, what more can you ask for?)

So consider this QuickJump QuickPeek Special Edition as a double treat: not only do we get to see the full compilation of Comment of the Week winners, but also, we get to see how far we’ve all come.

We’ve posted each Comment of the Week entry below with their accompanying QuickPeek edition where in they got featured, as well as the article in which these comments were made – just so you can read up on what context that person actually said what they said.

The list below is arranged from the most recent all the way down to the most dated. Just to give you guys suspense as to who won the earlier rounds of Comment of the Week. Some of you might actually be surprised to find out who won the very first ever Comment of the Week!

Hope you guys all enjoy! This is all for you guys, the readers!

QuickJump QuickPeek 33: Of PSP’s super bowl of downloads, super hacked PS3s, and super rewards for male gamers

An FF7 remake. It’s a topic that goes all the way up most any gamer’s list of Most Frequent Conversation Pieces. Though there’s the occasional defense that remaking one of gaming history’s most beloved RPG might make things worse, there’s still a counter-argument for that, as explained by asusboy and Seoulfood.

Because really, is an FF7 remake (whether released on the PS2, PS3, PSP, or even PC, for all we know) really worth it? Why would developers go through the hassle of a remake if they so choose to decide to go through with it?

asusboy - Seoulfood - Image 1

Link: Final Fantasy VII remake depends on Square Enix’s schedule

QuickJump QuickPeek 32: Of DAX’s time warping PSP project, Super Leaked Bros. Brawl week, and Blu-ray’s bite off the market pie

As you’d later find out, a couple of the Comment of the Week awards have been given out for certain profound (or sometimes obviously simple) explanations of certain gray areas in video gaming lingo. What’s the definition of “hardcore gamer,” really (you’ll soon find out somewhere down the line)? Where is the line drawn between “port” and “remake”?

While some of these are easy enough to understand for some of us, there are certain exceptions. Like Gran Turismo 5: Prologue. Is it really a demo? Or… a prologue to the actual GT5 game? Which, in essence, a demo is. But platon and Constantinecy have another way of looking at it:

platon - Constantinecy - Image 1

Link: Gran Turismo 5 Prologue: official release date, details, new trailer

QuickJump QuickPeek 31: Of Dark AleX’s pre-Valentine’s homebrew loving, PS3-360-Wii magical acts, and Mass Effect’s mass effects

It sometimes benefits to take a step back and look at the bigger picture. Especially when you’re talking about 1) cross-platform sales based on 2) worldwide figures. When the 2007 software sales data were published, people were asking why Halo 3 wasn’t at the top. Instead, CoD4 took the throne, guns a-blazing.

There’s actually a simple explanation for this, discussed by Shatterdome. And if you still do intend to latch on to comparing Halo 3 and CoD4 because “they’re both FPSes,” Nevers has a thing or two to say about these games (oh, and about ice cream too):

Shatterdome - Nevers - Image 1

Link: Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare best-selling title worldwide for 2007

QuickJump QuickPeek 30: Of DAX’s 3.80 M33 landslide, Apple flying into the Air, and a call for the new Ellen Ripley

Speaking of sales data, we go back to Square Enix and check out how economics and region sales contribute as a factor to releasing their games for different platforms. Ever noticed why there seems to be quite a lot more SE games for the Nintendo and Sony platforms and not for Microsoft?

Different strokes for different folks, as they frequently say. So, what works for the culture in Japan might not necessarily sit well with other Western countries. Square Enix surely thinks about these kinds of things when releasing games. On top of that, there’s console demographics to consider and what types of games are available on a specific platform. Here’s what Goobers has to say about it:

Goobers - Image 1

Link: Square Enix: If there is merit in cooperating with Microsoft, we will

QuickJump QuickPeek 29: Of PSP Skype and CFW brew storms, whipping up the CES 2008 typhoon, and black holes orbiting the format wars

More definitions please. This time around, in a running debate of the distinction between video games and toys, mohaas05 gave a rather hilarious comment that caught us off guard. Well, the point was clearly made, even without needing to elaborate more on the images (thank you very much).

mohaas05 - Image 1

Link: Best Buy: consoles and video games aren’t toys

QuickJump QuickPeek 28: Of the PSP Skype hype, pre-CES 2008 jitters, and all the Blu-ray madness in Sparta

From the littlest, simplest Lua-coded homebrew app, to the more powerful CFW hack. Different kinds of homebrew allow different things. And it all usually starts out by a “small application” (no, it’s not small, actually – it’s very complicated to do especially if you’re the pioneer of the hack) that proclaims a greeting to the whole world.

This is why most any homebrew is important. Who knows what your “small app” could lead to in the future? If it would directly lead to anything, who knows? It might inspire other developers to include a new feature in their own app or game!

Now though the NAND Dump Extractor for the PS3 was at first received with some mild flaming, Mentality sums it up pretty well. Although the context is of PS3 turf, it can apply just as well in other homebrew arenas – on the PSP, DS, Wii, and 360:

Mentality - Image 1

Link: PS3 NAND Dump Extractor: works with Infectus modchip

QuickJump QuickPeek 27: Of PSP fireworks, colorful console explosions, and the biggest bang from a test tube

Sometimes, numbers can lie. Data can lie too, given the most skeptic of minds. Airing their valid opinions on a study conducted by researchers on Taipei (if some would remember, this would have been about the findings of brain damage being a result of playing video games) are pnut78 and – what what! – ISOHaven.

pnut78 - ISOHaven - Image 1

Link: Study shows playing video games may damage brain

QuickJump QuickPeek 26: Of putting the FW in the FTW!, Capcom’s silver screen spree, and the ultimate brewfest

Not new to being awarded the Comment of the Week (as you’ll find out later), shabghai360 points out a curious reference to how the term “fun” means differently to people. In an article about the Motion Sensing vs High Def Graphics argument being tossed around, this awardee was able to remain pretty level-headed and objective in assessing each console’s pros and cons.

shabghai360 - Image 1

Link: Survey suggests why Wii is popular: motion sensing vs high def

QuickJump QuickPeek 25: Of DAX’s multi-popping present, firmware updates, and the new Parasite Eve in the form of glowing kittens

Here’s probably one of the most hilarious (not to mention very memorable too) Comment of the Week winners: koolaidsred1 for the great eureka moment about the “DivXXviD conspiracy.”

Though koolaidsred1 is the clear winner, honorable mentions were also given out to platon, jrm125, spicyhamster, and Mr Toasty for being such good sports as well in the thread.

koolaidsred1 - Image 1 

Link: PlayStation 3: Next FW update and DivX support coming soon

QuickJump QuickPeek 24: Of redefined PSP mods, the new Umbrella Corp IRL, and Transformers transforming the format wars

From eureka moments to light bulbs of creativity flashing on. Upon hearing about the Activision Blizzard announcement, ExtraLife had a suggestion to devs. Considering that their companies would merge… why not merge their games as well? We’re sure a lot of you guys have your own ideas (Guitar of Duty: Modern DiabloCraft, being one of them), but here’s a start:

ExtraLife - Image 1

Link: Activision, Vivendi Games to merge into Activision Blizzard

QuickJump QuickPeek 23: Of PSP firmware feats, the PSN, XBL, VC triumvirate, and lynched careers in gaming

Sometimes, you don’t have to look far to settle an argument. In reaction to how ethical cheating is in video games, EdSquareCat brought us all back to the basics. Can cheating really justify your playing of the game? Because really, some people shy away from guides, walkthroughs, and FAQs simply because they want a vanilla experience – to be able to truly say that they’ve finished the game with their own skills and effort.

But despite that argument, we must define the concept of what a game is supposed to be:

EdSquareCat - Image 1

Link: The ethics of cheating (in video games)

QuickJump QuickPeek 22: Of Dark AleX’s comings and goings, the Battle of the Exclusives, and Optimus Prime circa 1200 AD

Comments of the Week are also found in the most noisiest console war-related articles. You’d think that it’s all full of mindless banter and fanboy bashing, but sometimes, there’s a couple of gems glittering here and there.

Take for example this winner: Aces In the Palm. What’s the console war like for someone who owns all three systems? They can’t avoid having preferences of course – everyone has preferences, it’s a fact of life – but trying to speak with valid opinions despite those preferential biases… that’s what’s admirable:

AcesInThePalm - Image 1

Link: Infinity Ward: Call of Duty 4 for PS3 had the best coders

QuickJump QuickPeek 21: Of Pandora projects, PS3-XBL birthday celebrations, and DBZ Piccolo’s secret life as a vampire

As far as flame wars go, a certain voice of… err… common sense would most likely always be there. So, when Konami said before that there’s really no “best console” out there, people launched off the usual fanfare.

Now we hear of Billie. Though the comment does sound like some biased sentiments were taking hold, it’s actually once you read between the lines that you see what the point of it all really is.

Billie - Image 1

Link: Konami: no console will dominate next-gen market

QuickJump QuickPeek 20: Of DAX and StrmnNrmn’s comeback, Kratos and Gray Fox’s comeback, and other odds-and-ends

Winners of Comment of the Week could come from a wide spectrum of types. From the intellectual responses to the hilarious retorts. So far, we’ve already seen various kinds of comments above. Here’s something slightly off-topic (since the article it came from to begin with was PS2-related and we don’t have a PS2-dedicated blog), but still very much memorable.

On account of the cheaper, more compact PS2 announced to roll out next year, a quick and rather funny remark slipped through from DVSDevise. Yep, it’s another QJ.NET regular! Nothing too flammatory here in this comment; just clean, witty humor without intending to to ask for a fight. And hey. Maybe some of you even agree?

DVSDevise - Image 1

Link: Cheaper, compact PS2 coming early 2008

QuickJump QuickPeek 19: Of Hot Manhunt Coffee, Super Uncharted Mass Creed Galaxy month, and Angelina Jolie’s birthday suit

It’s Shatterdome again! We earlier saw Shatterdome at that “it’s because CoD4 is multiplatform” bit, and now we’re in for another comment from the same person.

Will Wright seemed to have gotten many a gamer roused when he said that the Wii is the only next-gen system out there. As some of you might know, everyone also defines “next-gen” in their own specific way. We’ve heard dozens and dozens of definitions from people – Will Wright notwithstanding – ranging from the “graphics are everything” argument to the “innovation is everything” at the other side of the spectrum.

Shatterdome - Image 1

Link: Will Wright confirms Wii Spore: Wii is the only next-gen system

QuickJump QuickPeek 18: Of Pandora Slim batteries, a golden week for games, and a smashing success against piracy

Of course, one way or another, a Comment of the Week award will be given to someone who’s aired their piece in a Jack Thompson article. Hey! It’s bound to happen. Though JT articles tend to get snappy comments, as usual, there are little diamonds in the rough too.

For HexatoX, all the flaming is for naught. Can’t we all just be friends? The commenter does make some valid points here for all parties concerned:

HexatoX - Image 1

Link: Jack Thompson names ESRB as defendant in Best Buy lawsuit

QuickJump QuickPeek 17: Of DAX’s new “Hello World” greetings, smash brawling babes, and eight intergalactic PlayStation 3s

Here’s something coming straight out from left field. Probably because some of you might not get it at first. How about a little some chuckle-inducing Comment of the Week that came out of nowhere? This comes from RexNox, as posted on our article about the eight PS3s replacing a supercomputer. If you don’t quite get why it’s funny… Maybe you should ask spicyhamster and Mr Toasty. Just check out the article’s comments itself.

RedNox - Image 1

Link: Eight PlayStation 3 units replace supercomputer for space research

QuickJump QuickPeek 16: Of Sony’s seven dwarves, Sonic rushing to the Smash arena, and wanting world peace

It’s koolaidsred1 again! It’s the same guy who we last saw having a eureka moment about the DivX-Xvid anagram. This time, we see the an intellectual side of things. Along with koolaidsred1 are Thinker and KnowLedge who run through an interesting discussion on hardware obstacles that developers might face on the Xbox 360 and PS3.

Koolaidsred1 - Thinker - KnowLedge - Image 1

Link: Assassin’s Creed: on dev issues for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3

QuickJump QuickPeek 15: Of Dark AleX’s last hurrah(s), the PS3 40GB confirmation, and Bungie’s goodbye to Microsoft

What? Thinker again? And DVSDevise too! You guys are really making waves here.

This time around, we see them talking about another side of the format war. Though the format war seems to be all about Blu-ray and HD-DVD nowadays, one can’t deny there’s also a war being waged (though not as prominent) between the old DVD format and the new next-gen format.

DVSDevise - Thinker - Image 1

Link: Blu-ray sweeps Europe, winning 4-to-1 against HD-DVD

QuickJump QuickPeek 14: Of DAX/M33’s update splurge, Master Chief’s return, and when JT tries to finish the fight

Yes, apparently, we can all get along pretty well. That’s if people just open themselves up more. Take for example, Zocks3099, who – despite being a PS3 owner – still recognizes the pros of other games in other systems. This comment would have been in response to the Save Film feature of Halo 3:

Zocks2099 - Image 1

Link: Halo 3 Cinema Paradiso: the magic of Saved Films

QuickJump QuickPeek 13: Of PSP homebrew leaks, Halo 3 leaks, and enzymes that leak HIV away

Returning yet again is shabghai360 who comments about piracy – in this context we’re talking about the Halo 3 leak online. It’s a subject we all loathe to the depths of our existence: piracy (yaaarrrr!). ROMs, ISOs, NFOs, whatever. It’s an iffy subject indee, and below, we see our commenter’s take on the gray area.

Aside from this, QuickPeek 13 actually had two Comments of the Week, listed under it. Well, both were pretty notable at that time, and shabghai360’s comment was another shining example of how things have changed since we banned anonymous commenting. At least for logicbomb.de – and we agree too – comments seem to have taken a more academically discussed manner.

shabghai360 - logicbomb.de - Image 1

Link: Halo 3 leaked on torrent sites by hacker “Paradogs”
Link: Developer: 360 and PS3’s RAM, Processor will decide winner of console war

QuickJump QuickPeek 12: Of PSP Slim CFWs, pre-TGS jitters, and the great exodus of anonymous commenters

Issue 12 of QuickPeek would have been the same week in which we finally implemented a restriction on unregistered users. Took a while for it to happen, but happen it did.

Since then, Captain Planet has totally shuffled off the QJ coil – much to the dismay of some of us – and first posters seem to have dwindled as well.

Here we see some feedback from lmxloco about the great flight of the unregistered commenters. There’s even a little commentary on Internet anonymity chucked in!

lmxloco - Image 1

Link: QJ.NET Commenters: Anon today, gone tomorrow

QuickJump QuickPeek 11: Of PSP Slim FW dumping, Chuck Norris in a DBZ movie, and new iPods galore

Feast your eyes on the last ever Comment of the Week that came from an unregistered user! Considering that it was the week after QuickPeek 11 rolled out that we started to ban unregistered commenting, you can expect a lot more unregistered users below. But for what it’s worth, this last unregistered winner – who goes by the name of huh? – definitely deserved it. The humor here is very subtle, but in its subtlety made is that much more LOL-worthy.

huh (Unregistered) - Image 1

Link: Thought-controlled games as early as 2008?

QuickJump QuickPeek Issue 10: Of heart-rending resignations, manhunts for maturity, and alien arachnids

When Fanjita retired the scene, we heard a lot of people air out their support and well wishes for the homebrew developer. Here, we see Strongbadunit2, who surprised us with a very sentimental comment of the highs and lows of the PSP scene since way back when:

Strongbadunit2 - Image 1

Link: Fanjita retiring from PSP homebrew scene

QuickJump QuickPeek Issue 09: Of resurrected PSPs, Bioshocking events, and real-life Harry Potter invisibility cloaks

Three commenters won for QuickPeek 9. Two of them talk about the PS2-Wii debate: it’s an unregistered user by the name of pspfanboy and *drumroll* MGSROCKS1! We haven’t seen that guy in a long while… But moving on, someone we’ve seen a lot lately is none other than Mister Common Sense. Ever wondered where he’s coming from every time he makes those comments? Check it out. Hope this puts some sense into the picture:

Mister Common Sense - pspfanboy (Unregistered) - MGSROCKS1 - Image 1

Link: GRAW engine creator says developing games for PS3 is not harder
Link: Wii eclipses Xbox 360 in overall sales, becomes new market leader

QuickJump QuickPeek Issue 08: Of lives saved BY a console, lives saved FOR a console, and human life simulations

Yeah there’s been a lot on Jack Thompson’s mind. And he’s brought hell to Rockstar Games for so long already. Here’s a comment made by Mature Gamer (Unregistered) on the whole Manhunt 2 issue from last year.

Mature Gamer - Image 1

Link: Rockstar to the gaming industry: Rally behind us and Manhunt 2

QuickJump QuickPeek Issue # 07: Of NDS emulators, PS3-driven cars, and girly guys getting all the ladies

For the first time ever, a Comment of the Week was awarded to someone who replied to the previous QuickPeek issue (in this case, the sixth). Not that we condone illegal drugs or anything, but what caught our interest here was the fact that AoxomamoxoA and CHUCKINGROCKSATSPACESHIPS were finally able to agree on something.

Yep, these two regulars have always been notoriously disagreeing with each other, and finally we see them shake hands and nod at each other in agreement. Hilarious!


Link: QuickJump QuickPeek Issue #06: Of surging console sales, format wars, and the wonders of Marijuana

QuickJump QuickPeek Issue #06: Of surging console sales, format wars, and the wonders of Marijuana

Though listed as unregistered, Rikimaru‘s comment on MGS4’s possibility of going multiplatform (a notion that’s already been clearly debunked by now – debunked numerous of times, at that) is pretty admirable. This goes to show how loyal a person could be and how much trust that person would place on the higher ups of these big companies to make certain decisions.

Rikimaru - Image 1

Link: MGS4 dated; might go multiplatform, says Konami President

QuickJump QuickPeek Issue # 05: Of firmware updates, consoles sales, and a cat so cute you’ll die

It’s another QJ.NET regular this time around. And even up to today, his comments are always worthy of note. Aside from giving a bit of trivia about the Philippines and other Asian countries from time to time, Quixand‘s comments sure provoke ideas and critical thinking among most of us. (and wow, Quixand, would you look at that – even as far back as July 2007, you’ve already been a Blu-ray supporter!)

Quixand - Image 1

Link: PlayStation 2 remains most-played console over next-gens

QuickJump QuickPeek Issue # 4: Of untimely resignations, super hackers, and Dual-Shock/SIXAXIS marriages

Check it out. Here’s a comment from cubiCPixel sharing his thoughts on the PSP Slim and how it could be hacked. And yes, there was a time before when the PSP Slim never existed yet, as well as the prospect of how it could possibly hacked. It might be pretty hard for some of you to imagine, but yeah.

cubiCPixel - Image 1

Link: Initial features of PSP FW 3.60

QuickJump QuickPeek Issue # 03: Of herpes, price cuts, and the madness that is E3

And it all comes down to this last entry, or to be chronologically accurate, the first winning entry. Who won it? Do you remember?

It’s none other than that one person whom everyone’s pretty much familiar with. Pretty ironic eh? Well, that’s common sense for ya… Mister Common Sense, that is.

Mister Common Sense - Image 1

Link: Confirmed: 60GB PS3 at US$ 499, 80GB at US$ 599 soon to follow

Anyhoo. Now that we’re done, we might as well notch up the last two – the first two, rather – just to come full circle in our journey. For posterity’s sake, y’know. Check it out! The good ole bad ole days of yore! It’s the first two editions that still didn’t have Comment of the Week. Man what a mind job. It even comes with the horrible layout bugs remnant of pre-site redesign days. Wicked.

QuickJump QuickPeek Issue # 02: Of sentient beings, console failure rates, and a hero’s farewell

QuickJump QuickPeek Issue # 01: Of Illuminatis, GTA mafia, and imaginary wrasslin’ gaming execs

Hope you guys enjoyed as much as we did! More power to you guys! Keep up the support! Let the comments race resume! Who knows? There’s a whole bunch of QuickPeek editions to roll out in the future. Will you eventually make it in QJ.NET history?

– the QJ.NET team

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