Resident Evil 5 – more gameplay details from the devs

Resident Evil 5 - Image 1EGM sat down with Jun Takeuchi, Yasuhiro Anpo, and Kota Suzuki from the development team of Resident Evil 5 (PS3, Xbox 360) and talked about the gameplay details from the upcoming Capcom title. Get all the goods – from horror effects, story tidbits, multiplayer game modes, DLC, to re-play bonuses.

EGM flew all the way to Capcom HQ in Osaka Japan, and sat down with Resident Evil 5 devs, Jun Takeuchi, Yasuhiro Anpo, and Kota Suzuki. The interview reveals loads of info on the upcoming title.

Chris Redfield is back and he’ll be taking baddies down in Africa. Yet again, an even worse virus spreadsand turns people into zombies. Chris is sent in to investigate the incident, and finds himself caught in the thick of things. Joined by his African companion, Sheva Alomar, Chris will not be alone this time in taking legions of zombies out.

With the majority of the game taking place in broad daylight, concern is brought up as the RE-brand scare would not take effect, seeing as previous titles took place at night. As far as having another character goes, Takeuchi believes that adding a second character would even help the tension and scare, as opposed to having a lone character.

Resident Evil 5 - Image 1

The game is set for the PS3 and Xbox 360, and the devs believe they’re pushing the console specs to the limit. They also addressed various issues regarding multiplayer and online game modes to accommodate co-op dynamics.

Re-play value is also an issue, and the devs made sure that you will definitely have to play again to get everything. Unfortunately, they can’t give details as of yet. “There will be a number of reasons for you to play through the game once you’ve already cleared it. However, if I were to tell you about all of them today, [RE5 coproducer] Masachika Kawata would probably get angry at me,” Takeuchi said. Apart from bonuses, devs are still working on DLC.

One of the biggest changes in the market since Resident Evil 4 came out is the introduction of downloadable content. And we would like to take advantage of that, but we’re still thinking about what form it will take. Nothing’s been decided.

Catch the full interview and many more intricate gameplay details for Resident evil 5 through the source link below.

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