Resistance 2 Street date broken

Resistance 2 - Image 1The street date for  Resistance 2 has been broken. The proof was the pics when a lucky NeoGAF forum member got his Collector’s Edition a little earlier than the rest of us and decided to post his good fortune.

Resistance 2 Collector's Edition - Image 1

This is getting to be a habit. Scratch that, it’s already a habit.

Much like  LittleBigPlanet just a couple weeks ago (and GTA IV and many other titles before that), the street date for  Resistance 2 has been broken. Proof lies with one lucky fellow in the NeoGAF forums who got his Collector’s Edition of Resistance 2 early and decided to make the rest of us mad with jealousy by posting pics.

Besides the game itself, the box set also includes, a 5.5 inch Chimera Hybrid action figure, an art book and a bonus DVD. Not visible among the posted pics is the HVAP Wraith multiplayer weapon skin exclusive with the CE set and the several flavor stories, videos and texts within the bonus CD.

The official release date was supposed to be on November 4th, but if you can’t really wait that long, feel free to head for the nearest game retail outlet and ask if they’re willing to part with a copy. Good luck.

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