Rob the GMs in Zu Online’s ‘Robin Hood’ event

Zu Online thumbnail - Image 1IGG is definitely keeping Zu Online alive for its citizens, and the next fun-filled event set on the mountains is enough proof. This time, game masters will get their share of fun as players try to cash in on their Wan Mountain caravan trips. For more details, head to the full article.

Zu Online screenshot - Image 1More fun can be had in IGG‘s Zu Online, as game masters of the MMORPG will roll up their sleeves to play as rich people whom players can rob a la Robin Hood. Unlike other quests that involve NPCs, actual GMs are going to make trips on the Wan Mountain, and it’s up to you to take the bounty.

Starting March 16, Zu Online GMs can be found in caravans carrying treasures that players can steal. There are three different routes on Wan Mountain where “traders” will appear: from Banja to Moole, Xunmin to Moole, and Woomin to Shimin.

From the looks of it, lots of money are at stake. IGG didn’t specify if Zu Online items are included as treasures in caravans, but the promise of exciting Robin Hood-esque robbery setups should attract many Zu citizens. For rules and more details pertaining to the event, click on the “via” link below.

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