Rock Band delayed in Canada, pushed back to December

Rock Band - Image 1If you’re from Canada and you’ve been waiting for EA Games and MTV GamesRock Band, there’s a bit of disappointing news. It turns out that HarmonixRock Band is getting delayed on both the Microsoft Xbox 360 and Sony PlayStation 3 platforms. The U.S. is still getting its fill on November 20, but gamers north of the border will have to wait a bit more. What could have caused the slide? Find out in the full article.

Rock Band - Image 1

Here’s a bit of bad news for Canadian fans eagerly awaiting Harmonix and MTV Games‘ upcoming music game Rock Band (Microsoft Xbox 360, Sony PlayStation3). It turns out that Rock Band‘s November 20 North American release date applies only to the United States, with Canada receiving its fill on all platforms on December 17.

No explanations where given by Electronic Arts, MTV Games, or development team Harmonix as to what caused the Canadian delay, though the devs were once quoted as saying that a delay was possible if bilingual documentation becomes an issue.

Some have even gone as far as to theorize that EA is having problems publishing enough Rock Band copies to meet demand across the region. We’ll dig into that and let you know as soon as we find new word.

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