Rocket Riot official site opens, features revealed

THQ - Image 1The Xbox Live Arcade has a lot of retro-style goodies that just ooze fun, whether it’s blasts from the pas you want to play again or new content set in 8-bit form. THQ is offering the latter of the two with Rocket Riot, a side-scrolling shooter that has you strapped in a jetpack and shooting things up with a bazooka. Its official site is now open, and we’ve got new details to share. Hit the jump and start flying high.

Rocket Riot Site - Image 1

We all know that the Xbox Live Arcade teems with life when it comes to providing subscribers with retro gaming fun. However, it’s not just blasts from the past that you’ll find in this store. Some new, simple games with 8-bit flavor can also be downloaded. An example is THQ‘s upcoming shooter Rocket Riot.

Rocket Riot puts you in a jumpsuit and straps you in a jetpack as a hero who shoots in side view fashion, armed with a bazooka to bust up them uglies. You can play this one solo, but what’s more exciting is that you can also play it with other people online for some mayhem in the sky.

The game’s official site has been opened, and the game’s features have been revealed. they are as follows:

  • Engage in 80 single player missions, set in many different themes and zany worlds.
  • A fully featured multiplayer Riot with 4 multiplayer modes against up to 8 players on Xbox Live or up to 4 players on a single screen. Teamed based CTF has never been so explosive!
  • Fly through continuously regenerating maps that keep the action fast-paced—but time doesnÂ’t heal all wounds.

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