Rumor – Metroid Prime Trilogy headed for the Wii

Rumor - Metroid Prime Trilogy headed for the Wii? - Image 1The rumor mill has just churned out something that you guys might find to your liking. If you’re a big fan of Samus Aran, then you’d like the information we have today. It’s a fact that Metroid Prime 3: Corruption is on the Wii already. Now rumor has it that the first two installments of the game franchise are headed to the Wii. Read more on this after the jump!

Rumor - Metroid Prime Trilogy headed for the Wii? - Image 1It looks like the floating brain-like biological weapon known as Metroid is set to invade and conquer Nintendo’s console. We got a hold of a rumor saying that the first two titles of the Metroid franchise are going to be released for the Wii.

Do take note that the third and final installment of the game franchise, Metroid Prime 3: Corruption, has already been released for the gaming platform last March in Japan.

As for the rumor, a certain retailer apparently had a SKU pop up in their system for the Metroid Prime Trilogy on the Wii. There’s no doubt that the first two could be made for the system, but how is it going to be? Hmmm… Could it have all-new Wiimote controls? Maybe.

Well, things are still up in the air. After all, this is just a rumor. We’ll keep you guys posted if we get official news regarding this matter. So keep it locked here on our site.

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