RuneScape: item lending updates, bug fixes, and more

RuneScape - Image 1 Jagex Ltd has released a RuneScape status report on the newly added item lending feature, various bugs, and more. To find out what they had to say, head on over to the full article by clicking on the “read more” link below.

RuneScape - Image 1 The developers from Jagex Ltd have released a RuneScape status report on the newly added item lending feature as well as some of the other fixes they’ve been adding to the game ever since RuneScape HD went live.

Apparently, quite a number of players have been renting out their high level items (via the item lending feature) for a fee. While this wasn’t the intended use for the feature, the developers have decided to roll with it and adjust the system to allow the players to do it safely.

Instead of having to “use” the items on the borrowing player, item lending is now handled via the trade screen. Just send a trade request, and right click on the item you want to lend. A button will then appear on the bottom of the loan box which should allow you to decide how long you plan on lending the item to the character.

The trade partner can then decide to offer something in return for the borrowed item. Note that doing so will affect your trade limit unlike lending an item for no charge.

Aside from the item lending changes, the developers have also announced that they are fixing a number of graphical bugs users have spotted. In addition, there have also been some changes to the bank such as the “withdraw all but 1” option, and the increase in scrollbar speed.

In addition, users can now pick up their lent items from wandering bankers outside mini game areas such as Fist of Gunthix and Bounty Hunter. Speaking of Bounty Hunter, players can now take their summoning skillcape in the area.

The last change is the option for those who play the game in HD fullscreen mode to be able to minimize their chatbox. Don’t worry though as the tabs below it will still flash whenever someone sends you a message or requests a trade so you shouldn’t miss any important notifications.

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