SCEA R&D tinkers with PlayStation Eye, research for user-made content underway

PlayStation Eye - Image 1Sony Computer Entertainment America (SCEA) research and development manager Richard Marks just released videos of a PlayStation Eye project tech demo on the PlayStation Blog. The plan is to let users input their own content – anything under the sun – into games using the PS Eye. Drawings, toys, other objects; you name it, and the PS Eye can recognize and apply physics to it.

Can’t believe it? Find the tech demo at the full article.

Aside from putting card games to life and allowing Sony PlayStation 3 users to create funky effects on screen, a lot of research is being put into the PlayStation Eye to find new ways of using it. SCEA research and development manager Richard Marks posted some videos on the PlayStation Blog to show off tech demos that can lead to future PlayStation Eye products.

The R&D folks are currently working on a project that allows anyone to put drawings or objects under the PS Eye and use those on games. For one, there’s the tank battle that lets players choose an object to represent their tanks. As seen in the video, the PS Eye can recognize both drawings and toy tanks, then apply them to the game.

To see how it’s done, watch the video below. More details and tech demo goodness at Sony’s PlayStation Blog.


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