Sega Bass Fishing: marsh fishing trailer

Sega Bass Fishing by Sega for the Wii - Image 1 Although we’ve been posting screenshot updates of Sega Bass Fishing, we’ll be providing you now with something different, a video trailer for the upcoming game for the Wii. Even though the video is short and sweet, it was able to tell us more of what to expect from the game. Head on over to the full article to watch it.

When it was first released for the Dreamcast, Sega Bass Fishing became a hit game. Now that it’s making its way over to Nintendo’s Wii, anticipation is slowly building as more information is being released on the game. Right now, we have a trailer just for you guys in addition to the previous screenshot articles we provided.

If you think that fishing is a boring hobby, you might think again with what you’ll witness in the video. A man is put against the unwilling bass. It’s quite a tense scene because the line could break anytime with the resistance being put up by the fish. It only lasted for so long as the man was able to catch his prize.

Watch the action in the video below. We’ll be keeping you updated with more information on this game.

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