Seven new Unreal Tournament 3 screens from Epic Games

Epic Games - Image 1Can’t wait to have Unreal Tournament 3 on your Xbox 360? We can’t help you with that. What we can do is give you the latest batch of screenshots from Epic Games that showcase the power of the Unreal Engine in the celebrated FPS. View all seven of them in the full article up next.

Unreal Tournament 3 - Image 1 

A new batch of screenshots has hit town for the Xbox 360 version of Unreal Tournament 3 by Epic Games. These images put on display the latest installment to one of the world’s most recognizable FPS franchises.

The PlayStation 3 version of the title launched several months ago and did relatively well in terms of sales and reviews. The Xbox 360 version may be debuting several months after its counterpart did, but it has a ton of goodies not found in the other version including five exclusive levels, all previously released downloadable content, two new characters and a splitscreen mode.

Click on the screen thumbnails to view them in full.

Unreal Tournament 3 - Image 1 Unreal Tournament 3 - Image 2 Unreal Tournament 3 - Image 3 
Unreal Tournament 3 - Image 4 Unreal Tournament 3 - Image 5 Unreal Tournament 3 - Image 6

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