Slim Waves Patch: bring Slim XMB waves to your PSP Phat

PSP XMB - Image 1Bubbletune has released a useful plugin for PSP Phat units running FW 4.01 M33: Slim Waves Patch, as the name may suggest, allows you to bring the PSP Slim’s XMB waves to your Phat unit.

Download: Slim Waves Patch
Visit: QJ.NET PSP development forums

PSP Slim waves - Image 1

With the upcoming PSP-3000 (and the resulting phasing out of the Slim), you might think that the PSP Phat has becomes pretty irrelevant now. Hold your horses though, Bubbletune has released a useful plugin to make your PSP Phat that much more up-to-date.

The Slim Waves Patch is a plugin that allows you, in cyslim5’s words in the forum threads, “to Slim-inize the Phat.” Yep, this makes your Phat’s XMB waves match that of the Slim’s.

Bubbletune says that this plugin is for FW 4.01 M33 for now. If it receives enough feedback and interest, he might release a new update that will be compatible with more firmwares.

Note that this plugin requires some flashing, so better make sure to pore over the readme file included in the downloadable archive. Also, it pays to visit the forum thread to ask the developer for specific questions, or maybe just give a simple shout out to say thanks.

Download: Slim Waves Patch
Visit: QJ.NET PSP development forums

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