Snake v0.3

Snake v0.3 - Image 1Remember when Uschghost, the homebrew developer behind one of the earliest homebrew games on the Nintendo Wii, promised to deliver a slew of improvements to the initial release of Snake? Well, the coder did release a newer version of the apple-gobbling, pixel serpent – a minor upgrade to version 0.3. But what exactly has improved? Check the full story for the rundown of changes.

Download: Snake v0.3

Snake v0.3 - Image 1

Uschghost‘s Snake for the Nintendo Wii, while simple, is slowly gaining tasty features to broaden its appeal. The homebrew Wii game has been given some rhythmic attitude, thanks to a feverish mod track and some code from the creator of another homebrew game, Wii Tetris.

And what’s more is that Snake version 0.3 already delivers much of the promised fixes, plus a few delectable additions, that cropped up from Uschghost’s initial release.

And with version 0.3, homebrew developer Uschghost has added a title screen, control support to utilize the Gamecube’s analog stick, a little tactile vibration feedback when you sink your fangs on a fruit, and even a feature that won’t leave you staring at the ELF loading sequence every time you restart the game.

Of course, if you are nostalgic for DOS-like loading screens, you could use the Z key to make your fantasies a reality. Oh, and yes, Snake version 0.3 does come with other minor bug fixes.

The latest archive of Snake is available for download here, but the readme doesn’t seem to reflect the latest version at press time. So for now, we’ll monitor for updates and keep you posted.

Download: Snake v0.3

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