Something cool: snowboarding in Unreal Tournament III mod

Unreal Tournament 3 - Snowboarding mod - Image 1What’s cooler than being cool? Ice cold! Well, that’s according to Outkast when they sang Hey Ya (cue insanely infectious music: shake it, shake, shake it… shake it like a polaroid picture!). Now it’s time to beat the summer heat with this Unreal Tournament III mod for the PC and PS3. Thanks to Epic Games opening the gates for these user-created mods, you can now slip down the icy slopes and even do some tricks when you grab some air!

Download: Snowreal mod for Unreal Tournament III (PC)

You’ve seen the Mario mod. You’ve seen Cloud Strife, Master Chief, and Marcus Fenix, even. Now for something definitely cooler. Like a couple degrees Fahrenheit cooler. With Epic Games allowing user-created mods for Unreal Tournament III on the PS3 and PC, some of the fans’ creativity let loose with wild abandon.

Here we have a new mod from the Snowreal team: a snowboarding mod for UT3! Grab a board and slip and slide down that snowy slope – heck, you can even do tricks in the air! There are two game modes available in the archive. The download is about 40MB only and is available for the PC (below) and PS3 (via the source link).

To see the mod in action, here’s the trailer that the dev team’s come up with:

Thanks to Steve519 for the cool tip!

Download: Snowreal mod for Unreal Tournament III (PC)

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