Sony’s PlayStation Store for PC gets facelift

Logo of Sony's PlayStation Store - Image 1It seems like the PlayStation Store for the PC got its own facelift. Sony recently gave it several cosmetic changes into its overall design. In addition, the site now looks more streamlined and easier to navigate for PlayStation users. You can find out more about the different changes implemented to the site by reading about them in our full article.

Sony PlayStation Store - Image 1

It seems like the boys at Sony recently gave their PlayStation Store for PC a small makeover. Aside from giving it several cosmetic changes, the overall design of the site now looks more streamlined and easier to navigate.

Upon first loading the PlayStation Store site, you’ll notice that it did away with the drop down country selection screen and went with the more straight forward list of regions as its initial page instead.

In addition, previous purchases that you’ve already made on the site are now indicated with the red icon of the PlayStation Store. This definitely makes it more convenient for those of you who are having a hard time keeping track of your Store purchases.

While there hasn’t been any actual addition in terms of content on the PlayStation Store, we still have a day or so before Sony’s obligatory Thursday update. In any case, come back in a couple of days or so for our update of what new content will be featured on the PlayStation Store.

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