Square Enix: If there is merit in cooperating with Microsoft, we will

Square Enix - Image 1When Final Fantasy XIII was announced to be in the works, Square Enix was the subject of a lot of speculation on whether their latest game will become multiplatform. Square’s Yoichi Wada recently gave the studio’s current position on Microsoft in an interview with Nikkei. Details of the interview in the full article.

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Exclusive games grant platforms a great advantage over the competition. Which is probably why Square Enix became the subject of a lot of speculation when they announced the development of the Final Fantasy XIII, the latest of the Final Fantasy franchise.

A major part of Square’s games have been developed for the PlayStation 3, PSP, Wii and DS; the Sony and Nintendo platforms. So it should come to no surprise that people would want to know what’s up with Square and Microsoft.

Which doesn’t mean they haven’t worked on games together. One of the more popular Square Enix games on the Xbox 360 is Final Fantasy 11. The studio also has The Last Remnant and Infinite Undiscovery coming up for the platform.

Square Enix’s Yoichi Wada was recently interviewed with Nikkei on the matter:

If there is a merit cooperating with Microsoft we will do this. We might give some projects to separate studios and make games for the X360.

The Main Platforms for Square Enix are the Nintendo Platforms and PS3. The Lionshare of the Developers and our infrastructure as well as our capital is for NDS, Wii and PS3 and this is not going to change.

We are astonished by Wiis success and the Nintendo dominance. We thought that the PS3 and the Wii will coexist due to the difference between both strategies, but in the end the users will decide which platform we develop on. The SCE Platforms at this point are a bit of a challenge.

We think we can do much on the Wii. I talked to Iwata to exploit many possibilities and cheer on him

So it seems that Square Enix has no qualms with the Xbox 360, and are probably only waiting for a good project for the platform. This is no guarantee we’ll see a shift to the platform of course, but at the least we know it’s not a foregone idea.

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