StillAliveDS v1.15s – new game elements, save maps anytime in Level Editor

Still Alive DS - Image 1Those who want more (fan-made) dose of Portal for the DS will be happy to know that homebrew developer t4ils recently updated StillAliveDS (previous release here). Now with new elements such as acid pools, red energy walls, and razor wheels, you can expect to squeeze out more fun from your DS. The complete changelog in the full article.

Download: StillAliveDS v1.15s

Companion Cube - Image 1Fans of t4ils‘ StillAliveDS – that fun homebrewed game based on Valve’s hit Portal – will be happy with it’s latest version (previous release here). There are a lot of things added in this newest release, including the option to show grids, the ability to save maps anytime in Level Editor, and some new game elements including razor wheels and acid pools. Whew!

That’s not all there is to it, however. Check out the changelog below to get more information on what’s added to the Level Editor, the game proper, and other aspects of StillAliveDS:

Level Editor:

  • 5 new elements (see below).
  • Grid (press select to hide/show).
  • You can save your map when you want
  • You now have to upload your maps through the level editor. Only possible if the map was finished.
  • New clear button which deletes everything on screen.
  • The “Build” feature is automatically called when you save/upload a map.


  • red energy wall : you can shoot portals through them but can’t pass.
  • razor wheels : These will kill you if you touch them.
  • moving platforms : Jump on them to move in the map. They kill you if you’re stuck. You can put portals on them.
  • acid pool : Don’t try to swim in it.
  • reflecting wall (which is also a slippery floor) : Shoot a portal on it and it will be reflected. Up to 5 bounces are possible.
  • If multiple red plasma switches are set, you have to deactivate all of them to clear the green energy field.


  • language selection
  • customizable controls : just click on a control to change the associated action.


  • Backgrounds are now loaded from the flashcart
  • Updated EFS lib to V2.0 finale, maybe G6 and M3 will load the game now

Like most other homebrew, you need to go over the notes in the readme file included in the download before proceeding to install and play StillAliveDS. As always, we’ll be keeping tabs on future versions of this game. Enjoy!

Download: StillAliveDS v1.15s

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