Street Fighter IV announced for iPhone

iphone-thumbCapcom’s gone and done it. They’ve ported Street Fighter IV to the Apple iPhone and iPod Touch. Preliminary details past the jump.


Capcom’s gone and done it. They’ve ported Street Fighter IV to the Apple iPhone and iPod Touch.


This is apparently not just a quick port, too. Capcom has reportedly taken assets straight from the current-gen code, resulting in the same models being used for the iPhone version. The models are scaled down, of course, but there’s a loss of detail or color. Character movesets have also made the transition intact along with the Ultra animations.




Capcom has also confirmed multiple control schemes to alleviate the worries of those wary of the iPhone’s control setup. Position, transparency, and set-up seem to be configurable as well. There’s also a Dojo Mode where players can familiarize themselves with the handheld’s controls, especially if they want to slug it out in one-on-one multiplayer matches via Bluetooth.




The game’s full roster has yet to be revealed. So far, Ken and Ryu are the only ones confirmed, although Capcom promises that the expansive roster will include a mix of classic and newly introduced characters.


The iPhone and iPod Touch version of Street Fighter IV is currently slated for a March release.




Via [IGN]

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