Street Fighter movie to have Mortal Kombat’s Robin Shou as Gen

Gen - Image 1Eager to find out more about the upcoming Street Fighter movie, Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li? Then we’ve got an update straight from the movie production cast’s blog, and this one reveals yet another actor chosen to fill the role of one of the fighters, namely Gen of the Assassin Fist. Who got the part? Someone very experienced with game-to-movie adaptations, actually. Details in the full article.

Robin Shou - Image 1 If you’ve been keeping up with the latest news regarding the upcoming Street Fighter movie based on Chun-Li, Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li, then here’s an update that might make your day: Robin Shou has been revealed to play the part of Gen, the wizened old master of the Assassin Fist. (I told you so, Ceasar S.! Now pay up!)

Haven’t heard of Robin Shou? Well, not a lot of people know him by name, but they do know him as the one-and-only Liu Kang of the Mortal Kombat movie series. So if you’re looking for someone with a martial arts background, as well as experience with game-to-movie adaptations, then there’s no other actor good enough for this job than Robin Shou himself.

Of course, we also can’t help but wonder – why Gen? Gen was already depicted to be quite the senior citizen when he first showed up in the Street Fighter series. Robin Shou, as we see him photographed in full Gen costume, doesn’t look old at all. Well, in any case, here’s hoping that his rather odd casting choice will be worth it – we can’t wait ourselves to see just who they cast as Street Fighter mainstay Ryu. Updates as we get them!

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