Sweet mother: NVIDIA GTX 280, GTX 260 prices slashed

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 280 - Image 1All across the board, gentlemen – that’s what we’ve heard from pleny of hardware enthusiast sites around, including some industry news sites. Apparently, NVIDIA has been taken aback by the bang-for-the-buck performance offered by ATI‘s leading graphics generation, and it’s probably hurting NVIDIA’s latest line. We’ve heard reports that prices have gone down by as much as 25% in average, putting the GTX 260 in a tight competition against the 4870’s value. More at the full story.

Sweet mother: NVIDIA GTX 280, GTX 260 prices slashed - Image 1

Though it’s particularly a trend among PC hardware retail sites, a quick look into TGDaily’s derived trend charts shows that NVIDIA has taken drastic price cuts for the GeForce GTX 200 line. On some instances, prices have dropped by as much as 25% on a branded video card, while the least of price drops vary from 10 to 15% in price drops.

Taking a gander over at Newegg.com certifies that the GeForce GTX 280’s price has indeed dropped by a solid US$ 150, while the GeForce GTX 260 could be had some US$ 100 lower than the regular tag price. Cards from ATI seem to be holding their price ranges for the moment, though there is a noticeable steady decline in their tags.

However, we’ve noticed that some last generation cards seem to have increased in price ever so slowly, thus the hope that the trend may continue in the succeeding days might not hold water. Instead, we’d best watch the market trends in the next weeks to come.

Oh, and if the price points seem reasonable to you now, you might as well pick your target card up now before the numbers inflate again. More updates as we get them.

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