Tabula Rasa Weekend Wrapup: FNF, Atrus Manus event, fan video

Tabula Rasa - Image 1Haven’t been keeping up with what’s been happening in Richard Garriott’s Tabula Rasa ? Well, you’d better check out the recent Weekend Wrapup which details the events of the last Friday Night Fights and the Atrus Manus contest on Pegasus. It also showcases a new fan video. For more on this, check out the full article.

The Richard Garriott’s Tabula Rasa Weekend Wrapup has been officially released. In this week’s release, the guys from NCsoft compiled the results of the last Friday Night Fights, the Atrus Manus event on Pegasus, and a new fan video.

The format of the last Friday Night Fights was changed into double elimination competition with Toxilium taking first place. It should be noted that Toxilium also earned the special prize by taking down his opponents with his partner Cappelli.

The Atrus Manus event held on the Pegasus server was designed to test the skills of level 50 players. Each team of three had to fight through several spawned characters after which their times were averaged. The winners took home 1000 assault and defense tokens, a General British beret, 10 white dyes, and various crafted items. Here are the winners:

  • 1st Place
    • With an average time of 45.25 seconds
    • Stricnine, Oniguma, and Sanz
  • 2nd Place
    • With a time of 47 seconds
    • Zeth, Reck, and Xalentori
  • 3rd Place
    • With a time of 50.5 seconds
    • Wescream, Daopa, and Eckhard
  • 4th Place
    • With a time of 66 seconds
    • Zurn, Rattler, and Kilr/Gummer

Finally, we have the fan video created by Tabula Rasa player Jason Summers. Called Tribute to Tabula Rasa, this video shows various fight scenes as well as the different landscapes in the game. Check it out below.


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