Team Fortress 2’s Pyro pack drops Thursday, Free Weekend announced

Team Fortress 2 - Image 1Good news to everyone who just can’t get enough of Valve’s Team Fortress 2. The highly touted Pyro update has been cleared for launch and it’ll drop to your system come Thursday. To give everyone the chance to try out the new content, a Free Weekend has been scheduled this coming one. More details after the jump.

Team Fortress 2 - Image 1 

This weekend looks like it’ll be scorching hot for fans of Valve’s excellent online shooter Team Fortress 2. The Pyro update is set to hit and a Free Weekend is planned to give everyone a chance to try it out over Steam.

The Pyro update has a number of improvements over the last versions of the game. The biggest being a couple of new maps made by users and some new weapons crafted by the developers themselves. These two sets of upgrades should deepen the experience more than it already is.

To boot, 35 new achievements have been added so that there are more things for players to gun for. By the way, have you seen the latest Meet the Team video? It features the Sniper and it’s dropping right about now. Go get it while it’s hot.


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