Telltale Games: details on Wii version of Sam & Max

Sam & Max - Telltale Games speaks about Wii - Image 1In case you missed the report last month, a Sam & Max port for the Wii has finally been announced to be in development. So what can we expect from the game, and how does it differ from the PC version? Answers in the full article.

Sam & Max - Telltale Games speaks about Wii - Image 1

Telltale Games was being coy before, denying circulating rumors that the Sam & Max series was heading for the Wii. Last month however, the studio finally announced the happy news that the private investigators will indeed be coming to the Nintendo console.

It’s been revealed before that the Wii port will contain the first season of the Sam & Max PC games, starting from “Culture Shock” up to “Bright Side of the Moon.” A recent interview with Telltale’s Emily Morganti and Dave Grossman reveals more info on the port.

They explain that while the Wii version will contain “a couple of the bonuses that were included in the retail PC version,” this wasn’t their primary focus. Their primary goal was to make “Sam & Max work really well on the Wii”:

We’re tweaking the controls to make the game feel really natural on the Wii (for example, giving the player the ability to scroll through dialogue choices and inventory items using the D-pad).

[…] We’re also including some of the enhancements we introduced with Sam & Max Season Two, such as the ability to hold down the A button to make Sam follow the cursor, or to double-click with the A button to make him run.

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