Third time’s a charm: RealTime Worlds raises USD 50 million for new MMO

All Points Bulletin - Image 1RealTime Worlds has raised another US$ 50 million from investors. The cash is rumored to be used to fund All Points Bulletin, a game revealed at the last Game Developers Conference. To find out more, head on over to the full article.

RealTime Worlds - Image 1Scottish game company RealTime Worlds has raised US$ 50 million dollars to fund an upcoming MMO. The company has allegedly gotten support from big-name companies including Montgomery & Co.

This is the third time the company has called out for investors and is said to have previously raised US$ 33 million from the CIM Fund and New Enterprise Associates.

This isn't really a big surprise considering RealTime Worlds was created by David Jones, the creator of the Lemmings series and one of the co-creators of the Grand Theft Auto franchise. It seems that the investors are pretty confident in releasing some cash with Jones at the helm of this company.

It was hinted that the additional funding is being used to develop All Points Bulletin, a game which is said to have a lot of combat and a persistent online world.

Via Venture Beat

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