Too Human ‘just days away’ from gold status

Too Human to reach gold status soon? - Image 1Denis Dyack recently made an update on the Too Human blog, noting that the release candidate or gold status of the game may likely be “just days away.” Learn more about it after the jump!

Too Human to reach gold status soon? - Image 1

For all those folks who’ve been waiting for an update on Silicon KnightsToo Human, here’s an update you might find interesting. Denis Dyack recently updated the Too Human blog, saying that the game’s gold status may just be a few days away.

On the first paragraph of Dyack’s latest blog post, he had this to say about the status of the game:

I have logged my last polish bug today listening to “Machine Gun” by Portishead and writing this blog. There are only two known rare crash bugs still left in the game. I personally have not seen the game crash in the last four to five weeks, and have been playing through it constantly. Once we fix these rare bugs, we will start to prepare “Release Candidate” for RTX (gold master disc) approval – this is likely just days away.

Dyack also seems to be proud of the achievement his team has done with the game. Near the end of his blog entry, he states,

Despite it being a very rough road, I feel we have gone beyond what we expected to achieve with Too Human. Through the pure talent and determination of the team, we have created an awesome experience that gamers should appreciate for a long time. It is our best game to date.

After the long wait for the game, we certainly hope it lives up to everyone’s expectations. Expect to hear more about this game in the coming days, especially when the official announcement of the game’s gold status comes out. If you want to read the whole blog entry, feel free to check out the source article linked below.

Via Too Human Blog

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