Toys ‘R’ Us: Big Wii shipment due this Sunday

Toys Still looking for a Wii console to call your own? Then you may be interested in taking up Toys “R” Us on its offer for this weekend. The retailer is planning to sell another large batch of Wiis this Sunday, so you may want to pre-order your unit as soon as possible. Further details are available in the full article.


Call it Reggie’s charm, or call it a smart way of riding on the hype for Mario Kart Wii‘s upcoming launch. Whatever the case, we’re letting the readers know that Toys “R” Us is announcing that a big shipment of Wii consoles will be available at their stores this Sunday, April 27. 

For the guys who haven’t had any luck getting a Wii due to the shortages, consider this your cue to start making the necessary preparations for the purchase. Cash would be a good start – Toys “R” Us is offering a pre-order of their Sunday stock for a down payment of US$ 200.

That said, Joystiq notes that the store chains are carrying around 50 consoles each. Those interested in reading further into Toys “R” Us’ Wii console promo for this weekend will want to visit their official site, via the source link below.

Via Toys “R” Us

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