Trailblaze v1 (alpha)

TrailBlaze version 1a by dangee - Image 1 Here’s something that might interest you guys. It’s a new homebrew application from PSP coder dangee called TrailBlaze. It basically lets you manipulate PNG images to get interesting (or trippy) results. Check out the full article for more info.

Download: TrailBlaze v1 (alpha)

TrailBlaze version 1 (alpha) by dangee - Image 1Here’s pretty nifty application you might want to try on your PlayStation Portable. It’s a little something from PSP homebrew coder dangee, and it’s an application called TrailBlaze.

So what does it do? Basically, it is an app that lets you “manipulate PNG images in 3D.” It’s not quite like yPaint or DAPES, but as it is, you can get interesting effects if you try out the techniques TrailBlaze offers. It’s still in alpha and developer dangee notes TrailBlaze’s current capabilities:

  • Manipulate a PNG in 3d realtime, to create some interesting visuals.
  • Screenshot support

Well, check it out by clicking the download below. Don’t forget to give TrailBlaze version 1’s readme file at least a once over, as it contains important information like installation instructions and other notes from the dev. Enjoy!

Download: TrailBlaze v1 (alpha)

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