Ubidays 2008: Debut trailer for Beyond Good and Evil 2 revealed

Logo of Ubisoft, a video game company - Image 1Ubisoft recently revealed another hidden card up their sleeve during the ongoing Ubidays 2008 press conference. A debut trailer of the sequel to the 2003 action-adventure title, Beyond Good and Evil, was featured during the event, showing off the highly detailed next-gen graphics of the new title. You can view the video of Beyond Good and Evil 2 by clicking on the “read more” link found below.

It looks like plucky reporter Jade, along with her “uncle” Pey’J, are back for another run in their latest futuristic action-adventure title with Beyond Good and Evil 2. A short debut teaser of the sequel was recently revealed at the ongoing Ubidays 2008 press conference.

The video depicts the next-gen versions of the two protagonists sitting under the hot desert sun. The beautifully rendered graphics certainly speak volumes compared to the previous iteration’s release in 2003. Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot even described the new title as the “future of games”.

To give you a better idea of what we’re talking about, you can watch the debut video we were able to nab from the game below. Enjoy!

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