Ubisoft: We still support the PSP and have a number of games planned for this year

Ubisoft - Image 1In a previous article, we talked about Ubisoft‘s U.K. managing director Rob Cooper as he urged Sony to give the PlayStation Portable some direction. While he may have given out some pretty strong words, it seems that Ubisoft is still committed to the PlayStation Portable. To find out more, head on over to the full article.

Ubisoft - Image 1Just recently, Ubisoft‘s U.K. managing director Rob Cooper urged Sony to give the PlayStation Portable some direction. It may have seemed to some that Ubisoft would be refraining from releasing games on the handheld until a clearer plan of action has been established. Thankfully, this isn’t the case.

A spokesperson from Ubisoft has clarified that they still support the handheld and will be releasing a number of games this year.

In fact, the company actually has plans to publish quite a number of games for the handheld this fiscal year:

We support the PSP with innovative game experiences and plan to publish around 12 PSP games this fiscal year, including titles for some of our top-selling brands.

Unfortunately, the spokesperson didn’t give out any specifics on the what games we will be seeing on the PlayStation Portable, though one of these “top-selling brands” just might be Tom Clancy’s EndWar. We’d have to wait for further confirmation of what these 12 titles exactly might be, so keep it right here for more updates.

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