UK retailers marking down Xbox 360 Rock Band bundles

UK retailers marking down Xbox 360's Rock Band bundles - Image 1Find yourself strapped for cash in light of the recent launching of Harmonix‘s Rock Band to Europe? We’ve received word that some retailers in the UK have begun selling their copies of the game and its accompanying instrument pack at lower prices. Details on some of these stores’ offerings are available in the full article.

UK retailers marking down Xbox 360's Rock Band bundles - Image 1When EA and Harmonix released Rock Band (Xbox 360, PS3, PS2, Wii) to Europe last week, the news came with its share of ups and downs. On one hand, this meant that the players in the region would finally jam with their own copy of the game, which includes North America’s complete track list.

On the other hand, there’s the matter of Rock Band‘s official price tag. The game alone will cost £ 49.99 (US$ 98), while the instrument pack will cost £ 129.99 (US$ 257), making this bundle a difficult purchase for most players.

That said, we’re happy to report that some of the UK‘s retailers have decided to cut the fans some slack by way of price markdowns for the game. Here are some of the pricing options we spotted over at HMV, Play.Com, and Gamestation:

  • Rock Band official price:
    • game: £ 49.99 (US$ 98)
    • instrument pack: £ 129.99 (US$ 257)
    • Total: £ 179.98 (US$ 356)
  • HMV:
    • Game: £ 39.99 (US$ 80)
    • Instruments: £ 129.99
    • Game +  Instruments: £ 159.99 (US$ 316)
    • Game: £ 39.99
    • Instruments: £ 99.99 (US$ 198)
  • Gamestation:
    • Game: £ 39.99
    • Instruments: £ 129.99 
    • Game + Instruments: £ 149.99 (US$ 296)

We’ve posted a link to HMV’s site below (via the source link). Visit us again in case we receive any more word on other retailers that decided to follow suit with this price markdown.


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