VC Japan update: Custom Robo V2 and other classic titles

Logo of Nintendo's Virtual Console service for Wii - Image 1Japanese gamers who want to have a sneak peek at what Nintendo has in store for them next week on the Wii Virtual Console will be happy to know that four more classic titles will be up for grabs by February 19. To find out what these titles are and their respective Wii Point costs, check out the full article after the jump.

Screenshot of upcoming games to hit VC Japan by February 19 - Image 1It looks like Japan will be getting four more classic titles for the Wii Virtual Console service next week. The official VC Japan website has already listed the upcoming line up of games across four different old-school gaming platforms.

While most of these titles aren’t well known in other regions outside Japan, one of the titles to be released may be familiar to some of the older gamers. Some of you may remember the futuristic fighting game Custom Robo V2, which was originally released on the Nintendo 64 and still has a small subsequent following on other platforms today.

Anyway, Japanese gamers can expect these titles to be available for download by February 19. Here’s the short list of titles with their respective developers and Wii Point costs:


Nintendo 64

  • Custom Robo V2 (Nintendo) – 1,000 Wii Points


  • Wrestle Ball (Bandai Namco) – 600 Wii Points

Turbo-Grafx 16

  • Atlas (Artdink) – 800 Wii Points

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