Video: Electronic Arts reveals Boom Blox debut trailer

Fowl play in Boom Blox - Image 1 It’s not everyday that you get to play a puzzle game backed by an award-winning director and producer. Then again, you may be wondering how such a title will actually play.

Wonder no more, as Electronic arts give us a sneak peek at Boom Blox with a short debut trailer. Feel free to watch it after the jump.

When you think of a name like Steven Spielberg, what usually comes to mind? Sure, the big name movies are there, but that’s not all the award-winning director-slash-producer is into these days.

Electronic Arts (EA) has put together a debut trailer of Boom Blox to show us that Spielberg doesn’t just make movies – he develops games as well. Bloom Blox‘s gameplay appears to be on the quirky, with various “blox” gracing the background and foreground.

The player uses a blown-up version of the Wiimote to throw, grab and blast various structures around. Players may also design their own levels and proceed to tear those stages up after they’re done.

What’s particularly amusing to note is how some of it actually happens in bullet time. You’ll get a better grasp of what we mean by watching EA’s video below.

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