Warhawk v1.5 Update features listed and detailed

Warhawk - Image 1Warhawk‘s v1.5 Update may not be till the 27th of this month, but that doesn’t mean we won’t be getting any more updates on the update. Dylan Jobe has just posted a blog at the PlayStation Blog confirming what will be inside the Update. And yes, the XMB Trophies will certainly be there. There’s more too so do read about it at the full article.

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With the latest update for Warhawk, version 1.5, you folks would just might want to get your hands on the game once more. As mentioned some time last week, the update will be free, but more exciting than that is the fact that it will indeed house XMB Trophies.

Yes, now the whole game’s changed, isn’t it? Game Director Dylan Jobe was more than accommodating on the PlayStation Blog and shared with us the treasures you will find in the update trove. Here’s a quick list:

Custom In-Game Music: With this you can use the XMB music player to play your own custom music. Warhawk will also be able to detect if you are using the XMB player and automatically disable the in-game Warhawk music.

XMB Trophies: Yes, we know. Everyone’s waiting for this. There was a recent leak in the intarwebs on the full list of the items, but at least now we’re definitely sure it really is coming. 56 Trophies are included in the v1.5 Update, as well as trophies for the booster packs. Oh, and of course there will be some hidden trophies as well as retroactive ones so make sure to really go the rounds if you wanna win them all.

Training Tutorials: A freshie in Warhawk? If you think you’re still too much of a novice to duke it out with other players online, then might as well settle first with the offline tutorials offered. There’s four of them in this update, with each one focusing on the core principals of each of the three modes of gameplay: Infantry, Ground Vehicles and Aircraft.

To make the tutorials rewarding, trophies will be unlocked at the end of each core tutorials. So you see, you still win even when you’re not directly out there.

As for the fourth training, this is the “Flight Practice” and is intended to be replayed over and over (and over and over) again. It is for your benefit as well, don’t worry, as it essentially prepares you for the most challenging gameplay mode: Piloting Aircraft.

Here are the other additions you’ll find in Warhawk v1.5 Update:

  • Retract Clan Invites
  • New Paint Schemes & Insignias
  • GGL Ceremonial Blades
  • “Rookie” Server Color-Coding

As for the Booster Pack rumors, here is where Dylan keeps his mouth sealed. “I can neither confirm nor deny anything… at least for now.” At least for now, indeed. Anyway. You know what that means, guys. Be sure to come back for more updates, cos maybe then he’ll be able to confirm or deny something.

Warhawk v1.5 Update rolls out August 27th.

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